It’s Not Complicated: Co-Parent Guide


An inspirational guide designed to help mothers move from ambivalent to confident in their co-parenting relationship. “IT’S NOT COMPLICATED,” takes the reader on an interpersonal journey from childhood to motherhood, teaching tools for forgiveness as well as recognizing and accepting apologies. Through this guide women create lifelong habits to nurture and empower their co-parenting relationship and gain the courage needed to withstand the ups and downs of their new family structure.


It’s Not Complicated elicits the best thinking of mothers who know what to do but need to talk it through. The guide takes the courageous reader through several reflective prompts in order to unearth the behaviors that may be holding her back from cooperating to her fullest potential. The guide is for the mother who is attentive and concerned about her child’s well-being and academic enrichment and knows that the way she interacts with his or her father can have a huge impact on the child’s success. It’s Not Complicated is an extraordinary way to get back to the basics of being a woman and building strength as a mother. It offers precise skill building tools that can be used in any relationship; the reader will learn how to forgive, accept apologies and to build an effective support system to lean on. After reading the guide and completing all of the exercises any mother would be proud to hang the customizable pledge for cooperative co-parenting on her wall.

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