Alysha’s affinity for family, friendship and fashion birthed the “Alysha Price” brand. A brand dedicated to helping women use words as tools rather than weapons. Alysha empowers women to become confident communicators within all their relationships. She utilizes her personal experiences to connect and deliver raw empathy. Her everything is achievable mindset resonates with the individuals she works with therefore seeing her as a role model who understands their emotions, environmental obstacles and the struggle to keep “it real” when life challenges them. While inspiring effective verbal communication is Alysha’s purpose bringing words to fashion is her passion. With House of Revere you will find Alysha’s signature statements on everything from T-shirts to home goods.

We’re currently seeking donations for my non profit organization, The Price Dynamic. Through The Price Dynamic, we we work to inspire communication that supports cooperative co-parenting in those working to re-structure and define their family after dissolve of a relationship or marriage. Click the button to the right to get involved in change.


Alysha Price, is the CEO of The Price Dynamic, a qualified neutral family mediator and trained motivational interviewer with a Bachelor Degree in Human Services & Family Studies, Masters in Management and is the Vice President of Programs & Impact for Northside Achievement Zone and a devoted mother.


An inspirational guide designed to help mothers move from ambivalent to confident in their co-parenting relationship. “IT’S NOT COMPLICATED,” takes the reader on an interpersonal journey from childhood to motherhood, teaching tools for forgiveness as well as recognizing and accepting apologies. Through this guide women create lifelong habits to nurture and empower their co-parenting relationship and gain the courage needed to withstand the ups and downs of their new family structure.

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Author, Alysha Price shares a deeper dive into her book It’s Not Complicated and how its the perfect guide for mothers who are ready to heal from the dissolve of their relationship and move on to being a cooperative co-parent.



Forgiving The Stranger You Once Knew: How To Gracefully Move On From The Dissolve Of A Relationship.


In this eye opening presentation, Alysha brings her realistic approach to regaining a sense of self and drives home the power of forgiveness as a healing technique. Using The Price Dynamic Road To Forgiveness diagram, Alysha walks participants through the process of forgiving and helps them release the hurt and resentment.Using The Price Dynamic Road To Forgiveness diagram (insert trademark logo) Alysha’s walks participants through the process of forgiving and helps them to release the hurt and resentment. You will leave feeling liberated and empowered to forgive without expecting an apology from anyone.

Built To Last: Creating A Supportive Circle Of Friends That Can Weather Any Storm.


Women are often challenged with whether or not to share their authentic selves for fear of judgment, being seen as too emotional, or being labeled a bitch! If they can’t be real with the world who can they be real with? In this very engaging presentation, Alysha helps women to see the value in establishing a “Starting Line Up” of friends that can help them reason and be ready for anything that work, children or life in general throws their way!

Co-Parenting The New Norm: Parenting Apart Together.


This presenation takes a deep dive into what it takes to be a cooperative co-parent. Exploring the necessary conditions for raising a successful and well adapted child. Alysha using The Price Dynamic framework Alysha shares effective communication tips and strategies. Participants will learn how to create their very own parenting agreement.

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Individualized consultation and learning sessions to enhance engagement and improve communication with families. Important and relevant teaching on family dynamics and systems to increase social intelligence in professionals working in urban settings.

  • Family Advocacy
  • Co-Parenting Solutions
  • Rebuilding the Family Structure

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Courses and classes which empower women, especially mothers of color to be courageous, confident and able to articulate their emotions with clarity and precision. Women can expect their points of view to be challenged, to be pushed to reveal their highest self and upon completion of each course or class have be reverent of self.


Family Meeting Cards™ are a fun tool for helping to build and establish healthy communication while making tough decisions as a family unit. Decision making is a life skill and learning as a family helps build confidence for self-advocacy, healthy debate, and strengthening listening skills. Make quality decisions using your family as your teammates.


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