Relevant and realistic advice and coaching! She knows how to meet you where you are as well as push you beyond your comfort zone.

David HillSeparated, Co-Parent

The work Alysha does is much needed. She has brought the focus back on the importance of family

Gabrielle KnowlesGuardian Ad Litem

I am so thankful for her sound advice. In one hour Alysha helped me see things I couldn’t see in my 5 year marriage.

Angela SmithDivorced, Co-Parent

Family Mediation

Rule 114 Qualified Neutral Mediator facilitating communication between parents to promote settlement. Creating a safe environment for parents to decide the outcome of family disputes before court intervention or resolution.

Consultation & Training

Individualized consultation and learning sessions to enhance engagement and improve communication with families. Important and relevant teaching on family dynamics and systems to increase social intelligence in professionals working in urban settings.

Co-Parenting Support

One-on-one coaching using motivational interviewing techniques to empower and elicit best thinking in parents working on “self” in order to become a cooperative co-parent. Co-Parenting groups providing reinforcement of courage and creating a safe space to be vulnerable in the evolution of co-parenting.




Co-Parenting is less about maintaining a relationship with your ex and more about supporting your child to have a healthy relationship with his or her other parent. ~Alysha Price